Brilliant Gift for a Creative Preschooler

We are blessed to be surrounded — near and far — by people who love our family. And it’s no more evident than at events like Dillon’s recent birthday. My living room is currently heaping with new toys and activities, not one of which he can stop playing with.

But I have to admit, my favorite gift (aside from the castle I bought and may be having even more fun with than Dillon) is the “contraption kit.” When my sister-in-law asked what Dillon wanted for his birthday, I repeated the standard list of his current “loves” — Spiderman, pirates, etc. But I added that he spends most of his time building stuff.

He loves building “structures” out of MegaBloks with his dad. He has created zip lines for his Capt. Hook and Peter Pan action figures to fly on. And several recent mornings have found piles of random toys tied together into “booby traps” in his bedroom.

So how awesome for him to receive a “contraption kit” for his birthday, containing a handful of S-hooks, a small pulley, four small bungie cords, a couple of carabiners and a length of rope. We discussed some safety rules for each (the rope never goes around the neck, the bungie cords will snap fingers if pulled too tight, etc.) and let him go. So far, he’s made snake out of the bungie cords, straightened the rope and seriously contemplated the pulley. I imagine it won’t take long until there are some real booby traps around the house.


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