Birthday Boy

Preschool Boy

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been four years since that surprising Thanksgiving morning when our son appeared in our lives. Not just because the time has gone so fast, but also because he marked the exact anniversary by wetting the bed at 5:13 this morning.

It took months of trying and praying for us to get pregnant with Dillon, but only now do i really see that that struggle was only the smallest part of the journey. It has been such a challenge and a wonder to watch and help him grow. From a baby who refused to sleep lying down (he had to be propped up in a bouncy chair in his crib for several months) to a toddler who found any slow music heartbreaking to a preschooler who loves nothing quite so much as villains and building booby traps, he has become such an independent and unique little person.

I know that it will be just a blink of an eye before he is going to school, riding his bike to friends’ houses, driving to the movies or heading off to college. It hurts my heart a little, but also is so exciting to imagine who he will be.

This morning, though, as he cuddled in my arms while Daddy changed the sheets, Dillon looked at his arms and legs and wondered if he had grown now that he’s 4. “We’re always growing, so it’s hard to see just because it’s your birthday.” Thank goodness.


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