Skip the Plan, Enjoy the Moment

Making the DIY Advent calendar for our family took some extreme advanced planning.

Using it, on the other hand, takes flexibility.

Earlier this week, our planned activity was to decorate the house windows with spray snow and holiday decals. But that was also the day that a package arrived in the mail: the Spider-Man UNO deck I had ordered in preparation for our holiday plane flight.

And Sweet Boy was all about it!

We started by removing the reverses, skips and wilds to play a simple game of taking turns and matching colors and numbers. He absolutely loved it and begged to play repeatedly. After Dad and I had let him win a couple times, Sweet Boy figured out how to let us win, by refusing to play his last card (which is pretty obvious when he can’t hold his cards in a nice, hidden fan yet).

“I want Daddy to win this time,” he’d say.

That’s about the point at which we stopped fixing the game and just playing.

Sweet Boy playing his first hand of UNO
Sweet Boy playing his first hand of UNO

Yesterday, Sweet Boy had his 4-year-old check-up at the doctor, complete with three shots (no tears, thank you very much my brave one!), followed by last night’s pre-planned Advent activity: Santa Claus pancakes (also a huge hit).

Santa pancakes
Santa pancakes

Then, it was time for some more UNO. We played a few hands as a family, then we added back in the “trick” cards, which he now thinks are the absolute best thing ever. (Skip Mommy’s turn, heck yeah!).

The window decorations totally haven’t happened — and who cares?

Our special family time this holiday season is coming to fruition better than I ever could have imagined.


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